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Swim With Sharks

  • Swim With Sharks in Antalya Turkey

    Swim With Sharks in Antalya Turkey

    Swim With Sharks (Anamur) June 15, 2016 22.00 Dollar US$ Other currencies18.92 EUR
    16.61 GBP

    Swim with sharks in Antalya Turkey tourist attractions best things to to activities events reviews from tourists where to go swimming with shark prices cost. The vessel we use has a large heated cabin in which to get warm out of the elements and we h...

  • Antalya Turkey Swim With Sharks

    Antalya Turkey Swim With Sharks

    Swim With Sharks (Gallipoli) June 15, 2016 23.00 Dollar US$ Other currencies19.78 EUR
    17.36 GBP

    Antalya Turkey swim with whale sharks in cage ocean sea swimming pool best shark swimming place sites cities towns holiday villages where to dive with deadly sharks photos videos reviews from tourists. Antalya Turkey price costs for shark swimming ev...

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